Description of Cake Balls

All our cake balls are made with a base of our delicious cake, chocolate, and a variety of nuts and jams.

ALMOND BALLS: A rich soft almond inside and rolled in toasted almonds on the outside.

BIRTHDAY CAKE BALLS: Vanilla birthday cake and Scott's own Italian butter cream icing mixed together on the inside and rolled in decorative rainbow jimmies on the outside.

CARROT CAKE BALLS: Scott's own decadent carrot cake mixed with homemade cream cheese icing on the inside and rolled in diced walnuts on the outside.

CHOCOLATE BALLS: A rich chocolate inside covered with colorful jimmies that signify the season at hand.

CHOCOLATE CARMEL PECAN BALLS: A rich chocolate based mixture with hand-made caramel and crushed pecans on the inside and rolled in crushed pecans on the outside.

CHOCOLATE COCONUT BALLS: A rich chocolate and coconut based mixture inside and rolled in flaked coconut on the outside.

CHOCOLATE MOCHA BALLS: A rich chocolate mocha base on the inside and rolled in chocolate cookie crumbs on the outside.

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER BALLS: A rich chocolate and real peanut butter inside then rolled in peanut pieces on the outside.

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY HAZELNUT BALLS: A rich chocolate base with swiss-made raspberry marmalade on the inside and ground hazelnuts on the outside.

CHOCOLATE RUM BALLS: A rich chocolate base mixed with pure rum on the inside then covered in melted chocolate and rolled in chocolate flakes on the outside.